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Currently Simet SA works in three main areas:

  • production of electrotechnical equipment
  • cooperation with foreign partners
  • manufacturing of specialized tools for the production needs


The production of electrotechnical equipment is the main company activity. Simet SA is the leading manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment for low and medium voltage installations in Poland. 

There are: rail-mounted terminal blocks (screw and self-clamping); thermoplastic and thermosetting connector strips; porcelain terminal blocks, screw and self-clamping; junction boxes (cavity wall, flush wall and surface). The product range we offer is complemented by the products made by other Polish manufacturers. Simet is also a dealer of products from Morek, F-tronic and Primo.

Products manufactured by SIMET SA have the necessary safety certificates according to IEC and EN: VDE; GOST; ESČ; B and the CE sign, as well as PRS approval certificates; KDB; Energopomiary etc. – mostly compliant with new European standards.

Activity area of SIMET S.A. is the whole area of Poland and export to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Romania and Greece.

The  sale  of  products  is  carried  out  by  the  Trade Department of SIMET. Apart from its employees it employs 5 regional representatives maintaining trade contacts with customers across the country.

A few years ago there have been a partnership established with Polish manufacturers of electrotechnical equipment: SN Spamel from Twardogóra and SI Powstaniec from Karpicko, to cooperate in trade. There are promotional actions organized together – trade shows, trainings, sales analysis, establishing and keeping trade contacts through sales representatives etc. 

An important area for us is the addition of the products of our foreign partners to our offer. They are mostly Morek UAB from Lithuania and F-tronic from Germany.