Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy concerns cookies.

1. What is a cookie file?

Cookies - small text information sent by servers and saved on end users’ devices. Cookies are most frequently used in case of meters, probes and for monitoring user activities.

2. Why does a service use cookies files

creating statistics for optimizing and modifying the service to reach better adjustment to the needs of its users (more about cookies files Google Analytics may be found on the suppliers’ websites) maintaining service users.

3.Types of cookies files

The service uses the following files:

session: these include temporary files and remain on user device until such time when he or she has left the given website or until switching off internet browser

permanent: these are stored on user device for a period of time specified in file parameters or until the moment of their manual removal by that user.

4. The service uses the following types of Cookies files:

Cookie name
purpose and content
Stores session identifier.
Stores data on where a given user come to us from (Google Analytics)
Stores data on the volume of displays for a given user
(Google Analytics)
Stores time of visit / duration on the website (Google Analytics)
Stores visit time / duration on the website (Google Analytics)

The majority of internet browsers allows for saving cookies files by default. In order to switch off such a possibility one ought to change the settings of the internet browser.

The service informs that switching off the service of cookies files may impact the functioning of this service.