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Remaining assortment

Gel joints

The gel joints are intended for protection of connections against external factors, e.g. dust, water. They are characterised by a robust polypropylene housing, while their interior is filled with an insulating gel. Furthermore, they are available in three versions with different dimensions.

The gel joints can be installed in a very easy way, without the use of any tools.
Furthermore, their compact housing allows for easy use in confined spaces. Three different housing variants enable the installation of several quick disconnect terminal blocks in one gel joint, which saves additional space in the branching junction box.

The installation of terminal block in a gel joint:
1. Remove insulation from the wires in accordance with the dimensions indicated for a given quick disconnect terminal block.
2. Insert the wires into openings of the quick disconnect terminal block.
3. Place the terminal block inside the gel joint by dipping it into the gel, and then close
the gel joint using latches.

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