About Us


Currently, Simet SA operates on the basis of its activities in three basic areas:

  • Production of electrotechnical equipment
  • Collaboration with foreign partners
  • Production of specialist tools for production purposes

Production of electrotechnical equipment is the basic part of the enterprise operations. Simet SA is the leading manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment in Poland in the scope of low and medium voltage installations.

The following products, among others, are manufactured: rail connectors (threaded and self-fastening); threaded clamping strips (thermoplastic and thermosetting), porcelain connectors, threaded and self-fastening; junction boxes (for empty walls, flush-mounted and wall-mounted).

These products are supplemented within the commercial offer by goods of other Polish manufacturers in order to reach a more comprehensive commercial offer. In addition, sales based on dealing is carried out in case of the following manufacturers: Morek, F-tronic, Primo.

Products made by SIMET SA possess the required safety certificates in line with IEC and EN, including VDE; GOST; ESČ; B as well as EC conformity mark and PRS, KDB certificates; energy metering etc. - mostly in accordance with the new European standards.

The area of SIMET SA activities covers the whole Poland as well as Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Romania and Greece.

Sale of products is confirmed on the basis of Simet Sales Department. Apart from the employees within the company headquarters there are 5 regional representatives in place within the structure of department countrywide, who maintain sales contacts with the recipients.

Supplementing the commercial offer with products from electrotechnical industry, based on contacts with foreign partners is a crucial area of activity. These include, mainly, Morek UAB from Lithuania and F-tronic from Germany.

SIMET SA conducts activities in modern production and warehouse facilities with a total surface of 16.5 thousand sqm., located in Jelenia Góra near one of the main communication routes. The total land area amounts to 5.7 ha which is owned entirely by the company.

In total, the enterprise employs almost 270 employees. The annual turnover is at the level of approx. 13.5 million EUR.

Simet SA is the largest Sheltered Workplace in the region, employing almost 200 disabled employees.