Electrotechnical equipment producer

As  the leading Polish manufacturer of electrical engineering equipment, we have been offering all installers the products  meeting  high standards  applicable in the world of electrical engineering world for 50 years. SIMET S.A. is the largest sheltered workplace in the region, currently employing 133  persons with disabilities out of a total of 232 employees.

“We  wish to facilitate the work of installers  by providing the market with a product  not only of excellent quality and accurate workmanship, but above all of perfect ergonomics and is easy to use."


SIMET places great emphasis on improving its own products and introducing the new ones to its offer.

Our qualified staff make it possible.  As a result of comprehensive training and qualification upgrading systems  offered to our employees, we improve product quality and increase the  efficiency of our company.

The Research and Development Department  consists of experienced designers who  area ahead of the installers’ needs. We implement innovative projects  meeting market needs. Our work is based on CAD3D software supporting our conceptual work by creating virtual product models.


SIMET has gained a significant position in the industry  owing to its high-class machinery park, which allows the implementation of new solutions.

The  production of modern electrical engineering  from steel, brass, thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics and electrical porcelain is  performed using injection moulding machines, metalworking machines and in the assembly departments.

Our main manufacturing activity is the production of plastic and metal components,  primarily for the electrical engineering industry, in which SIMET S.A. is  the domestic market leader .


 Production support is provided by  the on-site tool  department, used mainly for the production and servicing of moulds in plastics processing. Having such a department is very beneficial and gives SIMET S.A.  This kind of department is  highly beneficial and  offers SIMET S.A. unlimited control over the entire process - from  the idea to the finished product. Our staff is a treasury  of knowledge from the creation of moulds and tools to the production of,  i.a.: junction boxes, and years of experience protect us from unnecessary waste of time and allow us to avoid mistakes. Servicing the production line or assembly departments are just a few of the benefits  resulting from an on-site tool department.


The company conducts an extensive  international cooperation.

We have  developed our experience with the leading international producers such as Korean LG Electronics, German Flott, Dr Schneider, Geyer AG, SAIA Burgess and Jean Mueller, Philips Lighting,  Polish Fideltronik and the Swiss branch of Johnson Electric.  Currently we are cooperating with the following Polish companies : KG, Fideltronik, MST, Legrand, PAPADELTA as well as the subsidiaries of EATON from Germany, Romania and France.


The available space allows for optimal stock management.

The company operates in modern manufacturing halls with a total production and  warehouse area of 17.1 thousand m2, located at the main thoroughfare of Jelenia Góra.

Modern  warehouse infrastructure, such as a silo for plastics and a high-end warehouse management system allow controlling production and logistics processes  as well as responding  promptly to the changing market needs.