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SIMET SA Company was established in 1970 and was active under the name SI Simet.


  • In 1970s electrotechnical equipment manufacturing, like screw terminal blocks and indicator lamps, was started. At that time the company defined its profile as an electrotechnical equipment manufacturer.
  • In 1980s modern injection moulding machines were implemented into technological lines that gave a great opportunity of switching from thermosetting plastics to thermoplastics. Also high capacity automatic lathes were installed. At that time a wider cooperation with partners from telecommunication industry was established. The company provided assembly of various units and connectors for telephone exchanges. As a consequence, its name was changed into TELKOM-SIMET.
  • 1990s brought a significant intensification of contacts with foreign partners and further development of electrotechnical equipment production. In December 1997 TELKOM-SIMET evolved into SIMET Joint Stock Company. To adjust quality of work of the company to market requirements, in April 1999 certified quality system according to ISO 9001 was implemented. At present, the company works on the latest version of quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001.


  • The beginning of 21st century
The beginning of the 21st century is the intensive work on the development of the market strategy of the company. The new ownership type gave us more possibilities for manufacturing, cooperation and co-working with the surrounding environment. Newly employed Regional Representatives and the restructuring of the Sales Department gave us a dynamic growth of the sales network and boosted the development of the company. A system based on acquiring information from the market resulted in the modernization of production and helped us create new products. The three basic product groups: rail-mounted terminal blocks, thermoplastic connector strips and junction boxes were modernized and segmented due to the market expectations. Our offer was enlarged by adding products from other manufacturers, to make it complete for the customers.

Apart from the work strictly on products, we established contacts that supported our company in logistics and marketing on the Polish market. Polish Electronics Manufacturers Group was established for a more effective cooperation. Initially there was Simet, Promet from Sosnowiec and SI Powstaniec from Karpicko.     

At the same time, manufacturing cooperation projects with partners outside Poland were developed. The important ones were:

- Dr Franz Schneider Kunstoffwerke from Germany – assembly of parts for automotive industry

- Philips Lighting – assembly of connectors and installation equipment for lighting cases

- Cooper Crouse-Hinds from Germany – assembly of conductors and equipment for lighting cases

- ESB from Germany –  a complete production line for bench-grinders

- Jean Mueller from Germany – a completion of cable connections for Power Plants

- SAIA Burgess – Switzerland, Germany – assembly of eletric and eletronic parts for automotive industry

- Geyer AG from Germany – a complete production line for assembly of overcurrent switches


The second decade of the 21st century

The second decade of the 21st century is the functioning of a fully developed and modern company, in the area of market, organization and production.

We have reached a clear idea and stability of the most important aspects of the company’s activity:  profiles of production, trade, logistics and people. It’s the time of constant development of the company in many areas. The cooperating group of Polish companies (GPPE) changed and now it consists of Simet SA, SI Powstaniec from Karpicko and Spamel from Twardogóra. Cooperation with a German manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment, F-tronic from Saarbrücken, has been started. Now our company in the largest manufacturer of junction boxes, and a major producer of terminal blocks and electricity installation equipment in Poland. The offer has become wider, as we have added more advanced electric and electronic products: varistor surge protection, timers, electricity meters and a series of modern touch connector. There are nearly 1500 of our products and a few hundreds of products in cooperation projects in our offer.

In 2017 the company employs about 270 people (mostly disabled ones). This year a new production hall has been finished. It incorporates mostly manual assembly, but also partly and completely automated assembly. In 2016 a new storage hall for sales needs was opened.

Simet SA exports its products to Germany, the UK, Spain, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and other European countries. There are also customers from Indonesia and Mexico.

Simet SA is now a 47-year-old enterprise with a stable activity. The recent years have been the time of constant growth of sales and profitability.

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